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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging Surveying is ideal for carrying out electrical safety inspections, be it to source that loose connection or an overloaded component in your electrical panels.

We all understand the consequences of electrical system failure with the costs associated not often being obvious until it is too late. Whilst the fault observed may only cost less to repair, if left to fail that same fault may cost millions in lost sales, downtime, wages, insurance excesses, injury claims etc.

Accidents are commonly caused by loose connections, weakening of insulations, obstructed cooling and mechanical damage. Insurance providers may ask for evidence that you completed a thermal imaging survey of your electrical equipment, when renewing or commencing insurance cover. A thermal imaging survey is a fast and cost-effective way to locate faults with no disruption to the running of your business.


Power Quality Surveys and Analysis

Whether you’re in an industrial plant, manufacturing facility or a utility, Power Quality and energy management tools will assist in capturing the power quality and energy data needed to maintain the best performance and reliability.

This service makes it possible to identify your power quality and energy efficiency issues with easy and effective recording and analysis. This service is executed without worrying about downtime.

We offer our clients power quality surveys to ensure that all their installations are fully completed and free from any hidden problems. A written report is then generated and issued as a record. We measure true-rms and peak voltage and current, frequency, dips and swells, transients, interruptions, power and power consumption, peak demand harmonics, inter-harmonics, flicker and unbalance. System-Monitor puts a multi- parameter power quality health check on one display. We help you locate, predict, prevent and troubleshoot.



Sound Level Testing

We have a range of sound level meters for general purpose noise measurements, for measurements in line with the occupational noise regulations, and for environmental noise monitoring.



Load Bank Testing

Load bank is a kind of power detection equipment, mainly for generator, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), battery, power transmission equipment for load detection and maintenance, generator set and UPS power periodic test, maintenance tools and equipment.

A load test in this situation will ensure that your standby generator or batteries will support your load when the occasion arises. Annual load testing is imperative to confirm your generator or batteries are capable of handling the demanded load when necessary, and some insurance companies demand the report as part of their evaluation and investigations during claims.

Generator Load Bank Testing is an Important Aspect of Preventative Maintenance. A generator load bank test involves an examination and assessment of a genset. It verifies that all primary components of the generator set are in proper working condition. The equipment used to conduct a load bank test produces artificial loads on the generator by bringing the engine to an appropriate operating temperature and pressure level. This is especially important for standby and emergency generator sets that do not run very often and/or may not be exposed to carrying heavy loads on a frequent basis.

AC load bank can also test the performance of new battery engineering, provide scientific and reliable professional data basis for the acceptance of new battery engineering, and improve the rationality of the use of new battery engineering.


Energy Audits

The need to reduce energy costs is a crucial business practice for successful organizations, and energy audits have begun to play a more significant role in managing energy expenses . We offer our clients energy audit service through analysis of energy usage followed by a report which will detail ways of reducing energy costs. Intelligent lighting, including occupancy and daylight level sensors.


Light Intensity Measurements

tools tools

We have a range of light intensity meters for general purpose of light intensity or light levels in offices, schools, factories and a large range of other environments, such as photography and sporting events, for measurements in line with the occupational noise regulations, and for environmental noise monitoring.

A digital light meter is easy to use and some models can even measure light colour temperature, making them suitable for measurement of LED light and fluorescent light.


Battery Testing and Management

Battery management and testing are critical for maintaining power integrity for telecom networks, data centers, utility transmission and distribution systems. This service provides a user-customizable, flexible, efficient and economical tool to take on this critical task while saving time and expense.

We use a user-customizable, flexible, efficient and economical battery management tool for service providers, operations, and maintenance teams.

Conductance based diagnostics has proven effective for identifying & trending battery health and this avoids downtime.


Our battery tester offers less invasive testing approach which reduces battery discharge, voltage measurement skew and allows for more tests on a single internal battery without recharge



Our battery tester has full compatibility with the Battery Data Management System for simple and efficient data tracking, reporting and decision making; data transfer via USB. The service can be applied in:

  • Telecom/DC Plants online
  • All UPS applications
  • Utility switchgear & communications systems
  • Battery voltages down to 1 volt, including nickel cadmium cells